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Lexia by Rachel M. Raithby, HURRY while the sale lasts!


Lexia thought she was normal, ordinary...

Lincoln thought he’d spend the rest of his life seeking revenge...

Find out what happens, when the one you love is your enemy...

When Lexia sneaks out one night to go to a party, she hardly expects to be attacked by vampires. Much less be able to kill them with her bare hands.
That night triggers events Lexia can't escape and soon she struggles to keep up a facade around her friends and family.
And then there's Lincoln; she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Lexia senses he wants something more dangerous than a simple romance.
Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.
A story of love, loss, and, betrayal.
Lexia and Lincoln’s lives will never be the same again.


Suddenly her room felt so small; the walls seemed to be closing around her. Vampires and the supernatural buzzed through her mind.
“I’ve got to get out of here.” Lexia ripped off her pajamas as if they were suffocating her, changing into her running clothes as fast as she could. She dashed from her house onto the trail near her home; she’d run this path so many times it felt like a second home.
She watched her feet move steadily over the forest floor until she fell into a steady rhythm. She found herself relaxing, inhaling and exhaling with the thud of her steps.
When a sheen of sweat covered her skin and her breathing grew heavy she turned onto a trail that would lead her back home. Lexia jogged slower, her senses becoming more alert. She got the feeling someone was following her. Someone or something? Her chest tightened and her heart rate doubled as she glanced around, her mind racing. It’s not night time. Vampires can’t go out in the sun? What else was out there if vampires were real?
Catching movement on her right she picked up her pace. Cursing for tiring herself out, Lexia pushed herself to the limit; her heart threatened to beat right out of her chest. She glanced back quickly seeing... What the fuck! Risking another glance, she definitely saw a sleek black panther prowling through the trees.
The panther was closing the gap between them. Lexia’s breathing labored with each hard footfall, but up ahead she could see the exit about 50 yards away.
I’m gonna make it... I am going to make it! she chanted in her mind. But she was growing tired now and panic was setting in making it harder to think clearly. She couldn’t keep up this pace for long; her lungs burned with fiery strain.
But you’re not just anyone a voice whispered in her mind. She pushed past the burn, increasing her speed, tapping into power that had always been there hidden away deep inside. No, not anymore, she thought pushing herself faster.
With the exit just yards away, a surge of hope filled her carrying her through the exit, but she had forgotten about the tree roots that snaked across there. Her foot twisted into a rut pitching her forward; she got her hands out just in time as she hit the ground and the air rushed out of her body.
A car screeched at her side stopping centimeters from her face and scattering gravel into her eyes; her vision blurred as her eyes watered. Lexia scrambled back, wiping at her eyes whilst trying to catch sight of the panther that must surely be on top of her. But in the tree line she saw a blur of midnight black, its gold eyes seemed to glow at her then it turned and vanished back into the undergrowth. Lexia let out the breath she’d been holding.
“Lex! Lexia! Oh my god, are you alright?” Her dad shouted running to her side, shaking her lightly. “Lexia, what were you doing?”
Tearing her eyes from the forest, she focused on her dad’s distraught face. “I...I...I thought I saw something, chasing me, a-an animal.”
Lines of confusion marked his face. “What kind of animal?”
Looking into her dad’s face she thought she might tell him everything. He’d always been there for her, kept her safe, given her the best life… But as he looked at her now like she had lost her mind, she realized that this was a secret she could never tell.
“Lexia, are you sure you’re… look at your eyes... they’re…?”
Lexia tore her eyes away from her dad, his last question lingered in the air. Panic twisted her gut and she jumped to her feet quickly, afraid of the way he was now looking at her. “Yes, yes, I’m fine, must have run too long.” Turning, she dashed to the house and unlocked the door heading for the bathroom, leaving her dad standing in the driveway staring at the spot she just ran from.

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250 "likes" GIVEAWAY!!

I have just reached 250 likes on my professional services page. I am so ecstatic about this!.. It may not be much to some people but I have been so blessed to have this many likes thus far. Here is the Rafflecopter to get in on the giveaway! two winners will be chosen and each will get a 5$ Amazon GC. I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me find my path. I adore books and authors and I cannot imagine not having you all in my life. I am very humbled by the outpouring of support on my new endeavor to make life easier and better for myself and my children. promoting and editing have now become my dream, an extension of my dream to help out as many authors as I can to get their names out in the world. I thank you to those of you who have taken a chance on an unknown and have given me the opportunity to read your great masterpieces, Edit them, and promote them everywhere that I can. so without further ado! GO GO GO and enter for your chance to win one of the two gift cards up for grabs! xoxo a Rafflecopter giveaway

Death and Rising are Through Human Flesh Spotlight


The authors of this mystic writing send their hero on a difficult mission: investigate the cruel double slayings and correct the mistakes made during his last years. He shares his past, present, and future views of the world as he experiences the criminal investigation. Some may find the hero’s perspective cruel, but the truth can't always be sweet.
For harmonization, the narration is supplemented with 173 poems and fourteen professional illustrations, which enhance the readers’ sensations.

I tried to prove that one can never prove.
I tried to say that one can never tell.
Among the closest people in my life,
I sought clarity, but I quickly failed.
In this persistent never-ending strife,
I cannot find a thing that I have gained.
While walking through the labyrinth of life,
I never cracked, and stronger I became!..


What a shame that man-made technologies don’t refund time, nor stop it. The authors suggested that this outcome could be in the life of their hero.

When the time of understanding comes
In clear view of goals and losses which we face,
Do not hesitate even if someone succumbs,
Close the door to disappointment and disgrace.
Do not reproach yourself for weakness
That you couldn't make it and lost a fight,

Didn't show courage, or came upon a sickness,

When you looked for truth all day and night.
But take a deep breath, relax and forget it.
The fight was unequal, so don’t get depressed.
Perhaps, I lied to myself a little bit indeed,
I felt over-obsessed and under-impressed.
But the essence is not just in confession.
There is no doubt, I know it for sure.
The main gift is God has a good impression
So my soul is sinless and faith pure.

   In the work there is one more “hidden” hero — rather heroine. This is Valerie. Submitted to reader’s approval the story of her not long life was one of the “movers” to
write this book.

When the way was vague and unclear,

She could not see her life’s frontier.
But every cloud has a silver lining,
Always, there is someone fighting.
Being talented, courageous, and brave,
Having no support, but knowing how to behave,
Being aware of difficulties and hard times,
But starting a “fight” to wash off the grime.
She is full of energy and desires
To change the world for the better it requires.
She is like an angel, kind and nice,
With great goals which she praises to the skies.

  In the book the authors wrote that the wife of the hero dies being an honest woman from a great number of dogs’ bites, which are like messengers of the Hell. Previously, the reason of such cruel end wasn't revealed. Why do horrible events happen?

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The sample of the first chapter 

The sample of poetry book (poems extracted from the main book):

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It's release day, LET's BLITZ!!!

Title: For the Love of Gracie (The Southern Devotion Series #1)
Author: Amy K McClung
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 16, 2013
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Gracie Walker doesn't have much luck with finding Prince Charming. Hudson James enters her life, the bad boy who gives her a reason to hope that he is Mr. Right. Gracie's problem is, she doesn’t fall for the right guys. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee where the nightlife is always hopping. She spends her days in college and her nights hanging out with her closest friends at local bars. Her best friend Cameron is her rock. Cameron introduces his friend Ashton into Gracie's life and it changes everything. Ashton manages to make her fall head over heels for him, without even knowing it. He's the perfect guy. He's sweet, charming, funny, and unbelievably gorgeous. They have so much in common, including the fact that they are both attracted to men. Gracie is determined to make things work with Hudson and forget her feelings for Ashton. That's easier said than done. An event happens and it changes her life forever. Cameron struggles with his inability to protect Gracie from her own choices in life. Ashton blames himself for not noticing the signs. Who will be the one to pick her up when she falls? Will Gracie be able to have a normal life? What lengths will someone go to…For the Love of Gracie?

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**This book will be part of a New Adult Series. Each book will have an ending though, no Cliffhangers! They will all be New Adult and have similar themes with crossover characters***

Author Bio 
Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls. She married Daniel McClung in September 2005 and they currently reside just outside of Nashville. She graduated from Father Ryan High School in 1996. In 2002 obtained her general certification in medical coding and billing and in 2009 she obtained a specialty certification in Hospital medical coding and billing. Amy and her husband are both fans of fantasy novels as well as avid movie collectors. The Parker Harris Series is the first series of books by this author. Cascades of Moonlight is Book #1, Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales is Book #2, and the third book is The Dark Moon.  Her next projects are For the Love of Gracie, a NA Contemporary Romance to be released in August 2013 and The Crispin Sinclair Chronicles, a YA Fantasy to be released in Spring of 2014.  Her favorite past times include watching movies, drawing, and reading fantasy novels. Her first book was a means of therapy for her as it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.

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Cascades of Moonlight (#1)
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Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales (#2)
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The Dark Moon (#3)
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Spotlight and review of Cindy J Smith's Voices in My Head and They Won't Shut Up


Cindy J Smith is an amazing poet who has voices in her head that will not shut up until she writes down their words. These voices come to her as she is driving huge semi's as an over the road (otr) truck driver! Hence the name of her two books, Voices In My Head and They Won't Shut Up. Two truly amazing wonderful selections of poems by a woman with a big heart who has been through loss and grief, Love and hope, all of her feelings right there on paper for all of us to read and feel as well. What I truly like about these poems is they are straight forward, although thought provoking you do not have to read a line and figure out what she is feeling or what she might have thought we would feel while reading said poems. This beautiful woman has gone through a very hard time and I am so happy that I have had the chance to read through her poetry and I hope you all take the chance as well. They are truly amazing.

All about Cindy

Author Bio:

Cindy Smith was born in southern NY State and raised in a small town in Upstate NY.  Cindy has lived in many different states from Maine to Florida, in this wonderful country. She now resides in Indiana, with her husband.  She has worked a variety of jobs during her life- waitress, department store associate, certified electronic technician. She is currently employed as an over the road trucker.  When she is not working or composing poems, Cindy likes to read, listen to music and do arts and crafts. Through all her experiences, she had voices in her head dictating poems. The voices would not relent until Cindy wrote the poems down. She invites you to eavesdrop. Cindy self-published her first book of poetry, Voices in my Head in November 2011. Her second, They Won't Shut Up was released by CH&BB Publishing July 13.


"They Won't Shut Up" is Cindy J. Smith's second book of poetry in which she explains life as she sees it. Her poems deal with emotions and conflicts that are universal to the human condition - pain, love, suffering, joy and loss. Cindy J. Smith writes of dreams and magic, she writes of the moments we live that are woven subtly into the fabric of our lives and nature's beauty. Several special poems have been added to the end of "They Won't Shut Up", written by Jasmine McMurtrey Reindl, Smith's late daughter.


Voices in my Head
Talk all of the time
To music I feel
They add rhythm and rhyme

Emotions take flight
Grief, despair and love
Heart seeks to find hope
On wings of a dove

Their view of this world
Both nature and man
New angle embellished
To help understand

Walk for a minute
In other guys shoes
See why they might feel
So lost and confused

Dreams, flights of fancy,
Sarcasm and light pun
Work through frustrations
To friendship and fun

Open myself wide
Feel pure empathy
See how this world could
With love, truly be

Listen with your soul
To songs that I share
May see way to change
This world if you dare

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as of right now Voices in my Head is not available. it will be re-released in October...

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My New Blog! WELCOME!!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. I am new to this whole blogging thing but I have followed many people on their own and figured why the hell not! :)

A little bit about me

My name is Jessica and I love to Jabber, hence the name. I was born in 1980 (You don't have to do math in your heads calm down, today that makes me 33 years old ad some months lol). I am the single mother of two awesomely amazing kids. My daughter Carmen(1998 = 14) and my son Anthony(2008 = 5). YES they are 9 years and 11 months apart, and NO I do not know what I was thinking. People ask me that all the time, why I waited so long in between my children and I do not ever have an answer, I still dont! Although let me tell you, if I only knew back then how I would feel now I would have had them one right after another!

Man I am getting old!

Besides taking care of my children, I love to hike, camp out, have bon fires in our little fire pit, and I just adore a nice cool night with my firepit lit and a good book in my hand. I have a passion for reading, Authors, all kinds of books and so on. I always have a book with me everywhere I go. I enjoy promoting the authors and their books on social media sites, since I am home all day I can at any time of day and I can do it from the comfort of my own home. I can sit on my heating pad, blog from bed, make my own hours because people are on social media morning, noon, and night. Also, I do not have to face big crowds so I think blogging and my promoting/proofreading will be nice to keep me busy while the kiddos are in school and help out some more in the house too!
After a really bumpy road in life right now I've decided to do something about it. I have chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. It is definitely no fun but I am living. and no matter what kind of pain I am in, a book can always take me away (unless it is a migraine, those things are bitches). 

My blog and more about my promotion services

I will be posting reviews and spotlights in my blog of indie authors. I might even do interviews and guest posts! maybe even some giveaways later on. I also use Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and I have started using Pintrest as well, but I am still getting the hang of this pinning stuff!
I started my own little company of social media PR and proofreading. 
I belong to over 50 groups and that list grows each day. I also post with my professional FB page, come on over and friend me! and my personal page as well... If anyone is interested in being promoted or if anyone has any lovely works of art that need proofread, let me know, I am available for a few more authors right now.

and this is my "like" page please head on over and like the page, there may be some giveaways there as well.

I want to thank you for stopping by my new blog. I will try to post at least once a week, MAYBE more. it depends on if I have something to say or not ;-) Wishing many blessings to all of you and yours <3