Friday, August 23, 2013

Death and Rising are Through Human Flesh Spotlight


The authors of this mystic writing send their hero on a difficult mission: investigate the cruel double slayings and correct the mistakes made during his last years. He shares his past, present, and future views of the world as he experiences the criminal investigation. Some may find the hero’s perspective cruel, but the truth can't always be sweet.
For harmonization, the narration is supplemented with 173 poems and fourteen professional illustrations, which enhance the readers’ sensations.

I tried to prove that one can never prove.
I tried to say that one can never tell.
Among the closest people in my life,
I sought clarity, but I quickly failed.
In this persistent never-ending strife,
I cannot find a thing that I have gained.
While walking through the labyrinth of life,
I never cracked, and stronger I became!..


What a shame that man-made technologies don’t refund time, nor stop it. The authors suggested that this outcome could be in the life of their hero.

When the time of understanding comes
In clear view of goals and losses which we face,
Do not hesitate even if someone succumbs,
Close the door to disappointment and disgrace.
Do not reproach yourself for weakness
That you couldn't make it and lost a fight,

Didn't show courage, or came upon a sickness,

When you looked for truth all day and night.
But take a deep breath, relax and forget it.
The fight was unequal, so don’t get depressed.
Perhaps, I lied to myself a little bit indeed,
I felt over-obsessed and under-impressed.
But the essence is not just in confession.
There is no doubt, I know it for sure.
The main gift is God has a good impression
So my soul is sinless and faith pure.

   In the work there is one more “hidden” hero — rather heroine. This is Valerie. Submitted to reader’s approval the story of her not long life was one of the “movers” to
write this book.

When the way was vague and unclear,

She could not see her life’s frontier.
But every cloud has a silver lining,
Always, there is someone fighting.
Being talented, courageous, and brave,
Having no support, but knowing how to behave,
Being aware of difficulties and hard times,
But starting a “fight” to wash off the grime.
She is full of energy and desires
To change the world for the better it requires.
She is like an angel, kind and nice,
With great goals which she praises to the skies.

  In the book the authors wrote that the wife of the hero dies being an honest woman from a great number of dogs’ bites, which are like messengers of the Hell. Previously, the reason of such cruel end wasn't revealed. Why do horrible events happen?

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