Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am so sorry that I have been MIA..

At first I think I was going through some winter blues or something. I just did not feel like doing anything, talking to anyone, or being any type of social at all.

and then.... DUN DUN DUN....

I started having internet trouble there for a while as well and had Comcast come out and check the lines and everything. Come to find out the line coming from the pole to the house was taut and should not have been pulled so tightly which was helping to make the internet intermittent. So they fixed that but for some unknown reason my computer was still not going online or it would go online for about 3 minutes and then go off again. I would have to restart it sign back onto whatever I was on and it would just repeat. I reset it to factory settings and everything. I LOST ALL OF MY BOOKS!!! I am hoping that I sent them all to my kindle as I got them but something is telling me that I did not. Le sigh!... So I had to go to Rent A Center and I got a new computer. Bing bang boom I AM BACK! YAY!!

With that said.

I will be starting back up in April with an awesome cover reveal on the 4th for Tich Brewster. (unless a release or reveal comes up before then that I am interested in doing.)
I must say, I am happier than I have been in a very very long time. The winter blues have dissipated and now I am TWITTERPATED! *giggles* Yeah that's right, I used a Bambi reference #DontJudge lol.

Wanna know why I am twitterpated?

I met someone on February 13th and he has turned my world upside down. Not only is he good looking but he is smart and caring and just pure perfection. His smile, his eyes, his strong arms, his everything...
He is a truck driver so that part is kinda hard, being unable to see each other when we want to. But we mesh so well together and had such a connection when we first met that it is worth it to have to wait a few weeks in between seeing him. Well, that's how it has been but he just got into a truck solo instead of being a co driver with someone else. That means he will be able to stop in Pa more often if he is on an east coast run. So not only will I get to see him for a few days every couple of weeks but I will be able to see him when he has to take a break (he is going to try to take his breaks close to where I live because I am in the middle of a lot of their runs hehe). We will figure it all out soon enough and it will get easier. Until then I am loving the fact that we met. Loving the fact that our first date was on Valentines day and he tagged along with me and my kiddos to the movies. We saw The Lego Movie with my 6 year old son while my daughter and her friend went and saw a different movie. I love that he as interested in learning about not only me but my children as well and that my 15 year old daughter who has never really opened up to any boyfriends or what not but with him she did. She likes him and that makes me like him even more. I love that we spent all day Saturday and all Saturday night together talking, laughing, watching movies and just being together getting to know each other. 

So now y'all see why I am TWITTERPATED! lol...

So what are you all reading/writing?

I am off to read Insurgent by Veronica Roth, So far it is AWESOME! Divergent, the first book of this series, was an AMAZING book and I cannot wait to see the movie. So what's on your agenda?

Hey why don't you head over and join a party I am hosting April 25th

So there is this amazing author that I work for who has two books that will be coming out so we are having a cover reveal x2. It is going to be a blast, there will be some awesome Caption this contests and trivia for some wonderful prizes. Come check it out.