Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just checking in with everyone!! checking in with a FREE download! GO GO GO!

Hi guys! I am so sorry that I have not been having spotlights and such on my blog this last week or so, I have been busy busy busy editing a book for an amazing author and getting things ready for the holidays. I will be signing up for some spotlights and such starting again next week. We have had some major life issues that have come up but we have angels among us watching out for us and making sure that everything is going to be ok for my little family. I am not sure if anyone really reads my posts due to not really getting any comments but just in case anyone was wondering, life has kind of gotten in the way these past few weeks, but I shall be back ASAP because things are falling back into place thanks to my Angels who watch out for me from above and send earthly angels to hold me up when I am down...

I am working right now for an amazing author and I am helping her with her page, posting things and such.. Everyone should go to facebook and check it out for me, Like it up, and have some good laughs when we post some funny stuff dangit! GO GO GO
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Once there please leave us some comments, posts, LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Yes there are many likes on the page, but half of them if not more were because of ad's early on in the pages life, so we would love to have some likes on there where you guys might actually interact with us. :)

I have never really helped with an authors page before but I am LOVING doing posts and such for her on there, but I would LOVE to have some people to converse with and such... While it may look like a sciencey/physics page it is not, it is a book, a page for the book Order Of the Dimensions... and btw it is FREE until the end of the month so go and get your download on because with each download the awesome author will be donating 1$ to the US TOO prostate Cancer fund.

so what do yall have to lose? NOTHING!! download the book for free and help the fund!