Tuesday, October 1, 2013

IN VEIN, a vampire CHARITY Anthology, ALL proceeds are going to St Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

“In Vein” is a vampire charity anthology book where 100% of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! With over 18 Authors, you’re bound to find a few vampire stories you’ll love. From devious vampires, to vampire moms, a child vampire, teenage vampires, King and Queen vampires, a vampires’ slave girl, a vampire mob, a Red necked vampire, driving vampires, an Eastern European angel of pain, a vampire poem, a dug up coffin, a Dental Hygentist, a sad vampire tale and a vampire that helps a young cancer boy. Like I said, something for everyone! Did I mention it’s all for charity? The kids, people, the kids!

The participating Authors are:

Jodie Pierce (Author of the Vampire Queen series)~*~Tara Fox Hall (author of Promise me and Lash Series)~*~Mark Knight (author of Blood Family, Quest for the Vampire key)~*~Ann Snizek (author of the Tunuftol series)~*~Mark Mackey (author of Possession of Nicole Gardens)~*~Zoey Sweete (author of The Draven Witch Series)~*~Autumn Starr ~*~Geoffrey Porter~*~Frank Franklin~*~Jay Wilburn~*~Errick Nunnally~*~Samuel Southwell~*~Lourna Dounaeva~*~Mathias Jaanson~*~TP Keating~*~T.G. Reaper~*~Laurie Treacy~*~Charie D. La Marr~*~

I must say th
at I have read MANY books by almost all of these authors and they are AMAZING writers/story-tellers, They all truly draw a picture in your head while you are reading, like a movie playing. LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Daily blog giveaway: one set of ebookmarks for a random commenter on my blog, so get your comments in and go go go get this book, it is for an AMAZING cause!