Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Death and Rising Through Human Flesh Review


Death and Rising Are Through Human Flesh 

My rating:
5 of 5 butterflies!


Death and Rising Through Human Flesh is a Christian Thriller/mystery and it is different from anything I have ever read thus far in life. It definitely has some mystery and thriller-esque qualities to it and then there are the poems that are put into throughout the book, the pictures, just the everything in this book that really tie in the feelings of the characters and such.
The fight between good and evil is within us all and we need to come to terms with that if we are ever going to be good people with a good moral compasses. This book describes things that no one ever wants to go through, like a wife/mother and daughter of the main character being killed, but when the husband goes out searching for the murderer he is taken aback by all that evil he finds in the world. Such a strong man to do what he is doing. And it teaches the lesson that we could all be as strong as him and live life the way that God intended us to.
I really liked this paragraph in the book
“Don't believe everything you hear – even if it comes from you personally. All the barriers and hurdles we face in our lives live inside of us. Break them down Your soul – your inner powers – are ageless. While alive you can always improve. Don't wait for better times; the best time is NOW”
That little saying rings so true!
The descriptions of everything that happens is something fierce and definitely is not for the weak psyche. You can see exactly what the authors talk about in your head like a movie playing. When I first started reading it I will say it started off a little bit slow for me, but I truly think that is because I have only ever read paranormal/supernatural things. I have branched out this last year into different genres and I am glad I picked this one up.
We can all change the world, one person one step one book at a time

The reason I give it 5 stars is because while I ADORED the book and will most likely read it again, even though I read every sentence I know there are things I missed in this mystery! I also gave it 5 stars because I was unable to set it down,when I HAD to set it down I wanted to get back to it and thought about it, books that I just cannot part from and carry with me at all times, just in case I get ANY amount, even if just 2 minutes/2 pages of waiting time. Books that do that to me, and oooh I love that reading feelin, receive the 5 butterflies.  

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